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Searching Businesses

How do I search for a Business? 

Type what service you need into the search bar under ‘I’m looking for’, select a location and hit ‘Find Businesses’. 

You can further refine your search results based on ‘budget’, ‘number of reviews’ and ‘relevancy’. Adjust these filters by selecting your preferred search options at the top of the search page.

I heard Lisnic can help me get quotes. Is this true? 

Yes, plus they are free and non-obligatory!

Just fill in our quick and easy ‘Quote Request’ form with your:

  • Name 
  • Company 
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Budget 
  • Which services you require
  • Location

 and we’ll do the rest. 

How do I pick the right business?

Once you type in what you are looking for, you will receive a list of top-rated companies ready to do business with you! 

Don’t just make a decision based on price. Have a look at their profile and consider the following:

  • What services do they offer and do these match ALL of my needs?
  • Does their video or photo collection showcase a welcoming workplace culture? 
  • What projects have they worked on in the past?
  • Have they won any awards? 
  • What are their past customers saying? (Reviews)

Don’t be afraid to get in contact with the business directly if you have further questions. 

How do I leave a review?

Search for the business you would like to review and click ‘Submit a Review’ in the top left corner under their logo. 

Note: You must be able to prove your review is true if it is challenged by the business or your review will be removed. Please refer to our rating and review guidelines for more information.

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