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Placing an Offer (Business Expert)

Whether you’re submitting an offer on your first request or you’re a Lisnic regular, this section is designed to give you all the information you need to know about submitting an offer on a request. 

How do I submit an offer on a request?

When you find a request that you are interested in, do the following:

  1. Click the ‘Make an Offer’ button and enter your offer price and message outlining the details of what you are offering. You can also enter details of Bulk Sessions & Discounts. Then click ‘Next Step.’
  2. Preview Your Request then ‘Submit Offer.’

How do I know what price to charge?

You have the power to decide what you want to charge for an offer. Some Experts just want to help people where possible and might charge $10, others will be using Lisnic to make a little side money. 

To help you out, we’ve put this little handy guide together:

Business Experts:

Standard – AUD$0 to $100 per hour (Estimated income range p.a. $0 – $200K or managed 5+ people)

Skilled – AUD$100 to $300 per hour (Estimated income range p.a. $200k – $300K or managed 20+ people)

Experienced – AUD$300 to $500 per hour (Estimated income range p.a. $300k – $500K or managed 50+ people)

Expert – AUD$500+ per hour (Estimated income range p.a. $500K+ or managed 100+ people)

How can I change my offer?

If your offer hasn’t been accepted, you can update it. Click on the request and select the ‘Change Offer’ button. Make the relevant changes and re-submit your offer.

Can I negotiate my offer privately with the person looking for advice?

You are not permitted to exchange private details with your Business Advisee or conduct sessions off the platform with Business Advisees you have met through the platform. If you are found to have been in breach of this section, Lisnic reserves the right to remove you from the platform immediately and ban you from using the platform in the future. 

My offer has been accepted, now what?

Firstly, congratulations, you have been selected as an Expert! Get ready to change someone’s life! 

Once a Business Advisee has awarded you their request, payment is taken from their account and held in escrow through Lisnic Pay until the request is completed.

You should then message them via our private messaging function to arrange your first session.

Bulk sessions

Experts can list bulk sessions for a discounted price. Just note that full payment for all sessions will be held in escrow in Lisnic Pay once the request is assigned to the Expert. All money will be transferred from Lisnic Pay upon completion of the final session purchased as part of the bulk session pack.

We use Stripe to process payments. Stripe’s Payout Schedule is 7-14 business days after the first request is confirmed, then 2 business days for subsequent requests.


You can list a bulk price on your profile when you sign up or by editing your profile.

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