An investment into the right Mentor, is an investment into your future success.

Marc Randolph, Netflix Co-Founder & Lisnic Celebrity Speaker

People spend their lives looking for that one person that will change their life. Forget marriage, get a Mentor instead.

Not only will the right Mentor teach you everything you need to know about business, but they won’t nag you to do the dishes.

Far too many business owners and individuals want to fast-track their career, but end up wasting valuable time, money, and energy by making dumb mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

Studies have shown that people with mentors are more likely to succeed in business. The issue is, how do you find a great mentor?

We saw a huge gap in the market for a resource that gave everyone the chance to find a top-rated mentor.

No matter your budget or business needs, Lisnic helps you find the right mentor in minutes.

Ready to be better?

Nick Bell

Lisa Teh

Mission Statement

To transform the way we learn from others.

The vision

When people think business, they think Lisnic.

Our Core Values

Make it easy

Don’t overcomplicate things.

It’s all about you

We always put our community and team first.

Don’t sugar coat it

If there’s a problem, say so.

Don’t be a stain

There’s no room for ego. Be a good human.

Lisnic has changed the way we learn and network in business.

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