Frequently Asked Questions

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Lisnic is your shortcut to success.

A game-changing tech platform designed to help you easily find the perfect mentor in minutes. Mentees simply post a job outlining what they want from a mentor and their budget, and top-rated mentors from around the world can bid on that job. Within minutes, a job can be booked and a time for a first session is locked in. It’s that simple.

We actually have quality mentors on our site😂

Jokes aside, this is why we’re the best:

  • No other platform in the world has access to as many A-grade mentors as we do. Our mentors have made billions, raised millions and helped hundreds.
  • We’ve integrated secure video conferencing capabilities into our site so you not only save time, but you can now access mentors from anywhere in the world.
  • We know things don’t always go as planned, so we have a first date guarantee. If you’re unhappy after your first session, it’s on us. Now if only dating were that simple!

Fee for service mentorship has a multitude of benefits including:

  • THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUCCESS & MEDIOCRITY - It’s far more results-driven as it’s a commercial relationship that has expected outcomes for the mentee.
  • TALK TO THE BEST - The most successful people are often extremely busy. By paying for their time, you get access to the world’s best minds.
  • GET “MONEY CAN’T BUY” ACCESS TO INSANE CONNECTIONS - Your Mentor is more likely to open their little black book to you if they feel like you respect the relationship.
  • MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY - Paying a Mentor for their time will show them you are serious about improving yourself. Unfortunately, the world is full of time wasters. Fee for service mentorship weeds out the tyre kickers.

A mentee is anyone who is hungry to learn. You might be just starting your career or business, or you may have years of experience and just want to be the best. No matter what your goal is, we’ll find someone who can help you achieve it.

We have in-demand Business Mentors for almost every industry and every budget. They have or currently hold senior management experience in the world’s top companies, or have scaled their business into multi-million dollar empires. Now you can access them in minutes.

Struggling with public speaking? Can’t remember people’s names? Feeling stressed at work?

Let our Mind Mentors help you. Our accredited therapists and psychologists have years of experience across many different industries. Their skills and experience can help you overcome all the things stopping you from achieving what you want. So what are you waiting for? Find one now.

Aside from bragging rights, being a Lisnic Mentor has its perks:

  • Give back to the business community
  • Earn some extra cash or do it for free. Your choice!
  • We make it easy to find hungry mentees that want to learn
  • We provide you with exclusive resources to help you kill it as Mentor

Join Lisnic in minutes and be part of something great.

We are fanatical about protecting your confidentiality and privacy. Lisnic has a Code of Conduct that stipulates that all sessions must remain confidential. This not only includes the engagement itself, but also any information revealed prior, during or after the session.

We have developed a cutting edge platform that is designed to be at a level much more advanced that is required by the law, so you know we are doing everything we can to ensure your Lisnic experience is world class.

  • As per our Code of Conduct, everything discussed or provided in relation to all mentoring sessions is to be kept confidential. We don’t sell your information to third parties.
  • All the messages exchanged between mentors and mentees are secured and encrypted.
  • Our servers are hosted in a world-class facility to ensure top grade security and protection.
  • We have employed a browsing encryption system (SSL) that implements best practices, to ensure world leading encryption and security.
  • Our data is encrypted so in the event they are obtained without authorisation, it will be useless.

If you are a Mentee:

  • Simply post a job and outline what you are looking for and your budget.
  • Mentors will start bidding on your job in minutes. Review the applicants and pick the best one for you.

If you are a Mentor:

  • It takes a few minutes to create a profile and you can start bidding on jobs straight away.

Now stop reading the FAQs, take action and just start🔥

We love the convenience of video conferencing so we have built this functionality straight into our site. This means all sessions are conducted via our secure video platform which means now you don’t even have to leave the couch to up your business game.

Finding the right Mentor used to be as hard as finding a date.

We’ve made the process super easy so you have no excuses not to get in the game.

  1. Post a job and we’ll alert appropriate Mentors that you are on the hunt for someone with their skill set.
  2. Browse the profiles of the Mentors that have bid for your job or invite some of your favs to apply.
  3. Pick your winner, award them the job and book in your first session.

We give you the flexibility to specify a budget that works for you.

We also provide you with an example budget guide when posting your job so you know exactly what level of experience you can expect from potential Mentors.

You may receive responses to your job in minutes. Take as long as you need to sort through the applicants or explore the site to find a Mentor that may be the right fit for you.

For mentees:
Got questions for a potential Mentor? Our inbuilt messaging service makes it easy to slide into their DMs and get all the answers you need to before making a decision.

For mentors:
Got a question about a job? Post it on the listing and the Mentee will respond. Just remember, all questions and answers will be public, so keep it semi-professional😉

For mentees and mentors:
Video calls are the new norm, so all mentoring sessions are run via our secure video conferencing service through the platform.


The more people you have access to, the more you’ll learn and the more you’ll earn.