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Detail your opportunity, suggest a fair budget and we’ll connect you with top-rated Experts from around the world. Offers should start rolling in faster than your Friday night Tinder matches.
Review Experts & assign request
Invite your dream Experts and review those who have already applied. Ask and answer questions before accepting an offer. Once you’ve picked your fav, discuss details via private message and book your 1-on-1 or group video call.
Master, pay, rate & review
Once you’ve completed your session and you’re feeling like the next Jeff Bezos, payment is released and you are able to leave a rating and review. Want to keep learning? Book one or more sessions and do it all again!
Key Features

Top-rated Experts for every budget

We have the widest selection of Experts in the world. Pick the one to suit your budget and industry and get ready to talk business! See our FAQs for more information on Business Experts.

First date guarantee

Everyone’s had that bad first date! If you’re not happy with your first session with your Expert, it’s on us. See our FAQs for more information.

1-on-1 or group video sessions

Our sessions give you the flexibility to boost your business with a Lisnic top-rated Expert anytime, anywhere, 1-on-1 or with your team.

Get access to exclusive Lisnic Resources

We provide free resources including how-to videos and tips from the best in the world to help you kill it at business.

Secure video conference platform

No need to leave, our in-built video call functionality connects you with your Expert so you can learn from anyone, anywhere with just one click.

Lisnic Pay

Once you book an Expert and pay, the agreed-upon amount is held secure with Lisnic Pay until the session is complete. We offer the flexibility to pay with all major credit cards.

Reviews & ratings

Our online profiles provide you with extensive information about an Expert’s experience, skills, ratings and reviews, so you can select the right Expert for you.

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