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Claim your business page in a matter of seconds. Type your company domain into our search bar, review the status that applies to your business, type in your email and hit the verify button. Yes, it’s that simple.
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Make your relationship with us official! Send the team proof of your business registration and receive a Lisnic verified badge for your profile to provide that extra level of trust for potential clients.
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Want to engage more leads and talent? This is the perfect way to showcase your superstar team and workplace culture. Just make sure you keep it professional, this isn't a dating site 😊
Key Features

No website? No worries

We get it. Not everyone has the time or budget to build a complex website. With Lisnic, you can create your own business page that does everything a website does-in minutes.

No unfair reviews

Unfair reviews can damage your brand. Challenged reviews are flagged, thoroughly investigated and removed within 7 days if deemed unfair, fake or false.

More business leads

We put your brand in front of millions who are actively looking and ready to pay for your services. Better yet, your business page is a FREE shot to climb page rankings in Google.

Boost social proof

Attracting new clients and talent has never been easier. Showcase your services, past projects, special offers, team members, real reviews, videos and photos all in the one place.

Knowledge is power

From the get-go, we’ll be busy in the back end collecting your key monthly stats so that you can get back to what’s important: growing your business and connecting with new customers.

Go Pro

Ready to reach new heights with your business? Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better. Say hello to more visibility (guaranteed) and an even HOTTER profile.

10X is boring! Why not 20X your business, income and life?

What are you waiting for? There is literally zero downside. Let's go!

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