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Create a profile & browse requests
This is no time to be modest. The more detailed your profile, the more opportunities you are likely to receive. We have thousands of requests from all around the world on offer. Apply for as many as you want!
Offer or be invited to a request
See something you like? You can ask the person posting the request questions that will be visible to the public before submitting your best offer. If you are the chosen one, you can communicate via private message to book your video call session.
Get paid for your Expertise
Once you’ve got your dopamine hit from changing someone’s life, look to schedule more sessions or other aspiring people to help.
Key Features

Lisnic Pay

Hate admin? No need to waste time with invoicing or chasing money. Once a request has been booked, the agreed-upon amount is held secure with Lisnic Pay until the session is completed and confirmed. Your money will then be paid to you immediately.

Get access to exclusive Lisnic Resources

We provide extensive resources including session frameworks, how-to videos, and tips from the best in the world to enable you to become a top-rated Expert

1-on-1 or group video sessions

Instantly make bank by running 1-on-1 or group sessions from anywhere in the world. You can also offer bulk sessions to increase your chances of getting booked.

AI matching technology powered by Lisnic Match

Our world-leading tech recommends potential people looking for assistance based on your experience. You’ll also receive an alert for all new requests that may interest you.

Secure video conference platform

No need to leave, our in-built video call functionality connects you with the person you are helping so you can provide expert guidance from anywhere in the world.

Reviews & ratings

Increase your chance of booking more requests by encouraging the person you’ve helped to leave a review.

Ready to earn and help people learn?

What are you waiting for? There is literally zero downside. Let's go!

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