Rating & Reviews

Our inbuilt review system makes it easy to quickly identify which Mentors are the best fit for a Request. 

We ask that you leave an honest review about your experience. This helps Mentees accurately assess Mentors, and allows Mentors to consistently improve.

If a review is found to be in breach of the Lisnic Community Guidelines, it can be removed.

How do I leave a review?

In order to leave a review, you can use the Review button that is available on a Request as soon as the Request is marked as complete.

What should my review include?

By leaving a review, you are helping other Mentees find the right Mentor for them. Make sure you are honest in your review. Don’t be afraid to provide details about your Mentor and experience.

You can include details such as the following:

  • How was your experience dealing with your Mentor?
  • How was the session run?
  • Did you get enough value from your session?
  • What stood out from your session? 

Can I change my review?

Once a review has been posted, you will be unable to change it. You will need to contact our Customer Support Team.

What are the Lisnic Review Guidelines?

We have created Review Guidelines to ensure reviews on the platform are accurate. 

If a review is found to breach our Guidelines, we not only reserve the right to delete the review, but potentially suspend the account of the person leaving the review.

Our Review Guidelines stipulate that:

  • Reviews can only be left by a person who has undertaken the session.
  • All information in the reviews must be accurate.
  • There can’t be anything said in the reviews that breach Lisnic’s Community Guidelines (including comments that insight hate or violence, are vulgar or offensive, or are in relation to religion, politics or race).
  • Information can’t be included in reviews that breach a member of the Lisnic community’s privacy.

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