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Rating & Reviews

Our inbuilt review system makes it easy to quickly identify which Business or Experts are the best fit for you. 

We ask that you leave an honest review about your experience. This helps people looking for advice to accurately assess Businesses and Experts, and allows them to consistently improve.

If a review is found to be in breach of the Lisnic Community Guidelines, it will be removed.

How do I review an expert?

In order to leave a review, you can use the Review button that is available on a request as soon as the request is marked as complete.

How do I review a business?

Search for their business profile and click ‘Submit a Review’ in the top left corner under their logo. 

Remember to only speak the truth. You must be able to prove your allegations if they are challenged by the business or your review will be removed.

What should my review include?

By leaving a review, you are helping other people find the right Business or Expert for them. Make sure you are honest and don’t be afraid to provide details about the Business and/or Expert and experience.

Nervous about sharing your experience? Here are some basic do’s and don’ts. 


  • Focus on the facts of your own experience 
  • Stick to relevant information that would be helpful for prospective customers 
  • Check for sneaky spelling and grammar mistakes, you want to get your message across
  • Don’t be afraid to give constructive feedback (companies want to learn) but just be respectful 


  • Exaggerate the facts or use broad generalisations, these won’t help anybody!
  • Single out an employee, remember you’re reviewing the business
  • Leave a review on a business you dealt with 5 years ago, keep things relevant!
  • Advertise, spam, or use offensive or discriminatory language (use your common sense)

We’ve even got some handy questions to get you started:

  • How was your experience dealing with your Business/Expert?
  • How was the service/session?
  • Did you get enough value from your engagement?
  • What stood out from the service/session provided?

Can I change my review?

If you have posted a review on a Business’s profile, you can edit your review and star rating at any time by doing the following:

  1. Log onto the Lisnic Dashboard
  2. Click ‘My Reviews’ on the left hand menu
  3. Select ‘Your Reviews’ from the drop down menu
  4. Click on the three dots off the review you would like to edit
  5. Select ‘edit review’

However, if you have posted a review on an Expert’s profile, you are unable to change it. You will need to contact our Customer Support Team.

What are the Lisnic Review Guidelines?

We have created Review Guidelines to ensure reviews on the platform are accurate. 

If a review is found to breach our Guidelines, we not only reserve the right to delete the review, but potentially suspend the account of the person leaving the review.

Our Review Guidelines stipulate that:

  • Reviews can only be left by a person who has undertaken an Expert session or transacted with the business as a customer.
  • All information in the reviews must be accurate.
  • There can’t be anything said in the reviews that breach Lisnic’s Community Guidelines (including comments that insight hate or violence, are vulgar or offensive, or are in relation to religion, politics or race).
  • Information can’t be included in reviews that breach a member of the Lisnic community’s privacy.

How should my business respond to a review? 

Whether you receive a positive or negative review, it’s important to respond and prove that you value your customers’ experiences.  

To respond to a review, find the review in your dashboard under ‘my reviews’, click the three dots in the top right corner of the post and hit ‘respond’. 

For positive reviews

Show them some love 😍 Thank the customer for their kind words and that you look forward to doing business again in the future!

For negative reviews

Address the customer by name, apologise for not meeting their standards and thank them for voicing their concerns. Then, offer to discuss the matter further and provide your contact details.

How do I challenge a review?

If you believe that a review is fake, false or unfair, click the three dots in the top right corner of the post and hit ‘challenge’. This will automatically flag the post ‘under review’ so we can start investigating. 

If we cannot verify with the customer/Business Advisee that their review is accurate, the review will be removed within 7 business days.

Want priority support? Upgrade to PRO and have unverified reviews removed within 3 business days. 

As per our community guidelines, reviews that contain inappropriate or offensive content will be automatically removed.

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