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Community Guidelines

What are the Community Guidelines?

We created Lisnic for your business to succeed, so we have established Community Guidelines to make sure your experience on the platform is enjoyable.

The Community Guidelines are as follows:


You are not permitted to:

  • Post spam requests.
  • Post adult, inappropriate or illegal requests.
  • Continuously cancel requests.
  • Subcontract requests to other people.


You are not permitted to:

  • Create spam listings 
  • Create fake listings
  • Claim a business listing if you are not an authorised representative of the business

Contact & Payment Details (Business Experts & Business Advisees)

You are not permitted to:

  • Share contact or payment details with the Business Advisee /Expert. All communications must occur through the platform.
  • Conduct sessions off the platform.
  • Conduct transactions off the platform.

Messaging and Content

You are not permitted to:

  • Post profile content or send messages that may be deemed to be sexist, racist or homephobic.
  • Harass other members or Lisnic staff with threatening or unwanted contact.

Platform Requirements

You are not permitted to:

  • Ignore requests by Lisnic for information that is required to facilitate Expert sessions and transactions through the platform.
  • Ignore requests by Lisnic that may be required to verify your identity or business
  • Commit an activity on the platform or through the platform that is deemed to be fraudulent or illegal.
  • Create more than one Lisnic account.

How can I report an inappropriate profile, request or comment? 

If you see something which breaches or potentially breaches our Community Guidelines you can report the profile, request or comment here.

How can I challenge a fake, false or unfair review? 

Click the three dots in the top right corner of the post and hit ‘challenge’. This will automatically flag the post ‘under review’ so we can start investigating. 

If we cannot verify with the customer that their review is accurate, the review will be removed within 7 business days.

As per these community guidelines, reviews that contain inappropriate or offensive content will be automatically removed.

What if I breach the Community Guidelines?

We are focused on building a community that is inclusive and safe for all. If you are deemed to have breached our Community Guidelines, your account, profile and/or business listing can be permanently removed from the platform.

If you think we have made an error about the deletion of your account, profile and/or business listing, you can contact our friendly Customer Service team here.

What behaviours are not tolerated on Lisnic?

We work hard to ensure that Lisnic is a safe platform for everyone on it. There are certain behaviours which will not be tolerated on the platform. In the event that you are guilty of any of these behaviours, your account, profile and/or business listing will be suspended or permanently banned from the platform.

At Lisnic we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any activity that may insight violence, harassment or discrimination. This includes anything written in an expert request, business or expert profile, public question, customer review, private message or said during an expert session.

What practices are not tolerated on Lisnic?

We are dedicated to providing a platform where people can use it safely and with confidence. As a result, these practices are not permitted on the platform. If you are found to be conducting any of these practices, you risk being banned from the platform.

Fake reviews

We need to make sure that when selecting the right Expert or Business, users can rely on reviews that are genuine. We do not allow Businesses or Experts to have fake reviews listed on their profile. 

Fake profile information

You must not list any information on your profile or business listing that is not correct.

No account transfers

You cannot transfer your account to anyone else. Trust is a key component of the platform, so only you can use your account to engage on Lisnic. 

You can only have one account on the platform

You only need one profile to sign up to Lisnic. This profile will let you engage as a Business Advisee, Expert, Business Page Owner or a general user on the platform.

What guidelines are in place for requests being posted?

In order to help Lisnic run as efficiently as possible for you, we have created the following guidelines to help you maximise your Lisnic experience:

1. You can’t use Lisnic to solicit for work that will be conducted off the platform

We created Lisnic to help people scale their business and we’ve worked hard to create a platform where people can engage and upskill with confidence. When Experts connect with Business Advisees through Lisnic, all sessions must be conducted through the platform. If we find that people are using the platform to find people looking for advice, then running sessions off the platform, Lisnic reserves the right to limit their account or ban them from the platform. 

2. Requests must be related to business only

All requests on the platform must be legal and relating to business only. You cannot use Lisnic to solicit or induce any illegal acts, or encourage engagement in scams. 

3. Business Advisees must provide clear guidance as to what they are looking for from their Experts

Make sure you supply as many details as possible if you are posting a request on Lisnic. This will help you find the best Expert to help you achieve your objectives.

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