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By Rhymney Mazza

What is good culture in the workplace? | Lisnic


If you are an employer, one of your top priorities is making sure your workplace is a safe and welcoming environment. Your employees want to work somewhere that will allow them to let their ideas flow freely.

A toxic work environment will yield none of this. It’s up to you to make sure that your business is a place where employees can work. If you are not too deep into the so-called ‘office politics’, you can certainly make your workplace culture a positive one.

As an employer, it is important to ponder some of the pressing issues regarding the workplace. For example, should a boss be friends with their employees? Or should it just be a professional relationship only. Either way, it’s important to make sure that relationships between employers and employees that exist outside of the office don’t supersede a professional relationship. If they do, it may come across as favouritism by others back in the office.

Learn how to build culture in the workplace

When it comes to building a positive work culture, there are multiple factors that come into play. For example, how are employees able to express their ideas and creativity on the job? How can employees work together as a group to meet the goals your business has?

As an employer, you’ll want as much help as you can get to perform the task at hand. As long as they know what they are doing and follow the plan, you should be able to trust your employees to get it done.

Employees will often wonder, ‘how good of a job am I doing’? As an employer, you want to skip all that doubt and assess the performance of every employee regularly. Let them know if they are doing a good job and if they need to improve somewhere. This will allow your employees to worry less and work harder. They want that positive reinforcement to work hard and strengthen their weaknesses.

A positive workplace culture also consists of an employer that is willing to listen to their employees. An employee that has a boss who cares about their well-being is someone they want to work with as opposed to someone who is the opposite. Employees want to work in a place where they are not ashamed to open up. Placing the well-being of the workers first is a top priority in today’s work culture.

The advantages of good workplace culture

There are a tonne of advantages that come with having a good workplace culture. So where do we begin? Let’s list them off:

More productive employees

It’s no secret that a positive workplace is an environment where people can get work done and be proud of it. They are easily willing to get the job done and help meet the goals of your business. They feel like they can contribute and be appreciated for their work.

New employees will feel more welcome

New hires want to feel like they’ve applied to the right place. They also want to feel welcomed by their new co-workers. Allow new hires to get to know their new co-workers, supervisors, and everyone else that they’ll see on a regular basis.

Employees are eager to share ideas

There is nothing quite like the flow of ideas and creativity. Employees and employers alike are always looking for something bold, fresh, and innovative to address customer needs. Every idea deserves its day under the sun so it can be discussed.

A positive work culture will encourage this. Even if the idea isn’t the best, at least it will be discussed at best. Plus, they’ll discuss why it may not be the best course of action (i.e – it may not meet the customer needs).

Less turnover

If the work culture is not positive, the turnover rate will be high. People will come and go fairly quickly rather than stay on for the long run.

Learn from an expert

As an employer, you want to make sure your business is the place to be. Let our Lisnic Mentors help you create a workplace culture that is positive, employee-friendly, and even more attractive to prospective job candidates.

Now is your chance to make your place of business a great place to work. Contact us today and we’ll set you up with one of our experts.  

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