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By Lisa Teh

What is social media marketing?


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube. These are all familiar social media sites that connect us to the world and to our friends and family. But within the past few years these sites have become so much more than that. They have become a platform for advertising and sales more than ever before. Many businesses and companies now use these platforms as their main avenue for advertising and marketing.

Social media marketing allows businesses to connect on a personal level with their client base as well as promote their brand through the publishing of eye-catching content and interacting with their clients. Promoting your brand through social media greatly increases traffic to your company’s website. The benefits of social media marketing seem endless; today we will find out how to best use it to the advantage of your business.


Before you begin posting on social media about your business or product it is important to pause and establish your main goals for utilizing the marketing style. Evaluate your business and make sure that social media marketing is a correct fit for your style and brand. Will your customer base be one that uses social media frequently enough to produce sales? If so, be sure to select your social media platforms carefully.

It is better to promote your products on a few social media sites very well than to do a small bit of marketing on all of the sites. Think about where your target audience is most likely to be browsing for content and use that to your benefit.


Publishing on social media is quite simple, however the planning and thought that you put into the post you are publishing is crucial to the success of your social media presence. Did you know that almost three billion people use social media worldwide? That is a major impact, and if you can utilize it correctly to promote your business the success you find will likely be insurmountable.

Make sure that you are publishing content that connects with your followers and will interest new people to want to follow you. Much of this has to do with the rate and timing that your content is distributed. It is important to reach your target audience at a specific time in which they are most likely to be using social media throughout the day. There are several scheduling tools that you can utilize to help get your content out there at the most opportune times.


Once you establish a credible presence on social media, conversations and communication about your company will grow continuously. This is an aspect of social media marketing that is so different than other marketing methods. In social media marketing you can directly interact and respond to customers even from hundreds of miles away.

Many social media sites allow people to comment, share, tag, or directly message you about your company. It is now easier than ever before for customers to share their feedback about your company with the world and for you to connect with potential clients and grow your brand.

In order to reap the full benefits of this role in social media marketing it is very important to stay up to date with your social media profile and respond to any messages or comments you may get. This shows your client base that you are present and eager to help them and supply them with feedback.

Many companies that use social media marketing grow so large in this marketing method that they must hire outside employees to manage their growing accounts. This is perfectly reasonable, as long as you are employing someone that has the same fervor for and dedication to the company as you do.

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When you begin to establish more funds through your social media accounts and your account is thriving, you can take your social media marketing presence to the next level through advertising.

This type of advertising is so compelling that you can even tailor your advertisements to be seen by a targeted audience based on their search histories, social media postings, and interests online. This majorly impacts that amount of traffic brought to your website by people that are actual potential buyers.


It is extremely important to the well-being of your company that you keep close tabs on each of your social media platforms and how well they are operating. This is where analytical research comes in handy.

Most social media websites will provide you with a very basic amount of analytical information which pertains to how much traffic you are receiving on your profile per a certain amount of time, as well as where these views seem to be coming from and what times of the day they are on your profile.

As your social media presence grows however, it is important to get even more detailed traffic history and information so that you can continue to grow your presence and brand while also improving your content for the ever-changing market.

There are many tools available that can help you evaluate your social media platforms and compare and contrast them so that you can make the best decisions for the benefit of your company.


Overall, social media marketing has become one of the largest avenues of business marketing in our modern world. There is literally no end to the clients that you can reach and the ways in which you can promote your product and business through your profiles.

One of the most important ways to utilize social media in your marketing styles is to listen to your customers. Take their feedback seriously and try to add new things that interest them as well as fix things that caused them inconvenience.

Social media is given its name because of the social presence that it has. In no other age have we been able to connect with the world more easily. Business owners have a major advantage in the marketing world when they can correctly utilize social media marketing.

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