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"Constantly think about how you could be doing things better."
- Elon Musk, Investor & Entrepreneur
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By Lisa Teh

Top 5 tips from the world’s most successful people worth trying


There are successful folks, and then there are the world champions. The Mark Zuckerbergs and Phil Knights of the world are in a league beyond all other successful businessmen and women. They’re titans of industry and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. But where exactly did this success come from? Is it a part of their personality? Is it just blind luck?

In fact, it’s more than likely a collection of habits that separate the super successful from normal people. While luck and circumstances certainly play a role, you too can become more successful by copying some of the habits maintained by the world’s most successful people. Here are the top five tips.


First and foremost is rise early, which may or may not be easy depending on your inherent biological clock. Some people are naturally early risers while others are more suited for nighttime work and may be more comfortable sleeping into the late morning or early afternoon.

Unfortunately for the latter, most extremely successful people have this habit in particular in common. They rise before six and use the extra time in the morning either for recreation or to get a jumpstart on the day’s tasks. As we all only have 24 hours a day to be productive, these early risers get a few extra hours and, thus, benefit from more productivity.

This does mean that need to maintain a strict sleep schedule and go to bed on time every night. Otherwise, you’ll end up becoming exhausted and won’t be able to maintain the early rising schedule anyway.

Another big benefit of rising early is that you should never show up to work late. You ought to have plenty of time to get ready for the day and show up to the office or your company’s worksite before most others.


Another key thing to keep in mind if you want to be super successful is that you need to take care of yourself, specifically when it comes to your body. In fact, many extremely successful people stay well hydrated throughout the day and eat nutritious meals.

This sounds simple, but it can have much more important ramifications than you might initially think. You are what you eat, and your body only has enough energy to build a company if you fuel it with the right stuff. Work on maintaining a great diet that incorporates all the essential vitamins and minerals you need for holistic bodily health.

Make sure that you drink enough throughout the day, too. Lots of people are moderately dehydrated during the workday as they rush from task to task and don’t give themselves enough time to guzzle some water.

A related thing you should focus on is starting and maintaining an excellent exercise routine. Your body needs exercise, particularly if you work in a white-collar environment where you’ll be sitting throughout most of the day. Exercise helps your mental health and ensures that you won’t suffer from a plethora of negative health issues as you age.


Recreation and emotional wellness are both critical if you want to maintain high productivity and be as successful as the world’s most famous business people. We’d specifically recommend trying to spend lots of time with your family and friends – provided that your schedule accommodates this, of course. Your family and friends are part of what tether you to the world, and many successful CEOs cite their families as the inspiration for building an empire in the first place.

You might be able to use some of the morning time mentioned above specifically for this purpose. Even if you can’t, try to set aside a little time at the end of the evening to reconnect with your loved ones and play with your kids, if you have them.

This goes a long way toward ensuring that you enjoy life and will help motivate you to be more productive at work.


Contrary to popular opinion, the world’s most successful businesspeople don’t just enjoy logistical or other traditionally right-brain challenges. In fact, many of them curate creative habits and hobbies specifically so that they can develop and have fun outside of their work time.

Doing something creative is a fantastic emotional outlet and is also thought to be key to good mental health. For many of the world’s most successful and most productive people, having a creative hobby is a great way to recharge and regenerate at the end of the day and do something just for themselves without having to worry about a bottom line.

Don’t have a creative habit already? Not a problem; just spend some time developing one! The great thing about this tip is that you don’t have to be particularly good at the hobby. You just need to enjoy doing it. It’s possibly the one thing where you can remain an amateur indefinitely.


The last big tip you should keep in mind emulate the world’s most successful people is to keep track of current events. Maybe don’t watch all the news stations’ talking heads, but read several newspapers with good reputations and find a trustworthy collection of news sources.

This does two things: first, it keeps you connected to the wider world and second, it allows you to see the business environment as it is developing so you can better lead your company. There’s a reason why many top businesspeople read the Wall Street Journal, and it’s not because they appreciate the prose.

Reading about current events will let you see the way the wind is blowing and hope you revolve your company strategically and successfully over the future.

Granted, practicing each of these habits is far from a guarantee that you’ll become the next Jeff Bezos. However, your odds of starting the next Amazon certainly aren’t hurt if you stay hydrated, exercise, own your schedule, and make the most of your time. Good luck!

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