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"Constantly think about how you could be doing things better."
- Elon Musk, Investor & Entrepreneur
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By Nick Bell

The 5 best books for entrepreneurs


Keeping your mind active and thinking about business in ways that aren’t just about the day to day of your business is an important exercise.

Regardless if you’re starting out, looking to grow, or stay at the top of your industry keeping your mind sharp and agile is essential. Reading is the best way to do that and can offer welcome relief from the constant barrage of screens in today’s world.

Even if you feel like you’re at the top of your game, finding the tools to understand and explain why that is can only make you, and your business better. With that in mind, here are five of the best books for business owners.


When a book that’s fast approaching its one hundred year anniversary is still consistently described as “the only book you need to read” on the topic, it deserves to be at the top of your reading list.

No list (or bookshelf) would be complete without Carnegie’s 1936 classic, and it’s a great starting point on your journey of self-discovery and improvement.

With insights on interpersonal relationships that hold true in your business and personal life, the lessons of this book have propelled countless entrepreneurs and executives (including American titan Warren Buffet) to greater success.

The lessons may be simple, but they are timeless.

Read this book to learn more about:

  • Getting your way without causing hostility
  • Becoming aware of how you’re perceived
  • Creating a more harmonious workplace


The best books on business and management are about more than just business and management because the truly great entrepreneurs understand that there is more to what they do. They may sound like simple topics, but there’s a lifetime of learning to be done. Enter The Seven Habits.

Covey’s 1989 masterclass has stood the test of time and contains invaluable insights for not just you as CEO, but for people at every level of your organization. Countless companies and their leaders have incorporated this book and its lessons into their structure, and you simply cannot afford to ignore it.

The lessons are so universally impactful that even President Bill Clinton underwent coaching from the book’s author. This book is an absolute must-read for anyone in sales, management, or executive positions, and just as valuable for anyone else.

Read this book to learn more about:

  • How to make yourself a success
  • How to work with others to be successful as a whole
  • How to be mindful of your own improvement.


As a successful businessman, you understand that being “just good” is not good enough. James Collins shares that philosophy and teaches you how to turn it into actions in what many consider to be the first great management book of the 21st century, and with good reason.

Good to Great is the most carefully researched book on this list and is the product of Collins’ sharp insight, and years of hands-on study.

Don’t let the years of research fool you into thinking this is a dry, numbers and charts style tome. This book is energetic and inspiring, and you can’t help but feel called to greater things while you’re reading it.

Read this book to learn about:

  • Hiring and promoting the right people
  • Facing uncomfortable realities
  • Making industry-leading breakthroughs


Business can be cruel and cutthroat. It can be a fierce competition where everything comes down to your bottom line. But it doesn’t have to be, and you’ll be more successful if you don’t treat it that way, according to Julian Richer. This book explores why leading with morality, both inside and outside your business is the right and the smart thing to do.

This may be a newcomer to business bestseller lists, but it’s sure to become a generational classic. Anyone looking to rise above harsh stereotypes, and build a truly lasting business legacy will find this to be a great, and often revisited, read.

Read this book to learn about:


This book puts into words what many great leaders may already know, but struggle to say out loud. Sinek gives you the chance to see the code that makes up the matrix, and rethink everything about how you make decisions. Whether it’s personnel, product, or branding, Sinek’s radically mindful approach can breathe fresh life into your business. It will energise and inspire.

You may already be familiar with Sinek from his viral TED talks, but this book adds depth and duration to the ideas he shared there. It’s a worthwhile supplement if you’ve heard from him before, and a great discovery if you haven’t.

Read this book to learn about:

  • Cultivating a well-rounded approach to decision making.
  • Explaining the purpose of your business, both practically and ideally
  • Learning to lead your team with purpose and clarity.


If you own a business, you aren’t just a businessman, you’re a leader. It’s important to understand yourself, what you do, and why you do it in every sense of the word.

Constant self-improvement won’t just make you money, it’s the ultimate goal of owning a business and being the best you can be.

Whether your business is a Fortune 500 company, or a dream you’re building in your garage, make these books the next step in your life-long journey of self-actualization.

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