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By Nick Bell

Quantity vs. quality – which is better when creating content


With the pressure to post, post, post when it comes to digital marketing on various platforms, including social media, the great debate has emerged on what is more important. Quality versus quantity.

Quantity is of the utmost importance when it comes to posting on social media and with digital marketing, because the more you are present in your followers feeds, the more relevant you will be in their day to day lives and the more they will become familiar with you and your brand. Getting personal with your customers via social media is a huge marketing gain when you take the time and effort to do it the right way. But pumping out posts at a high rate can be time-consuming. So when you do so, does the quality of those posts suffer?

Quality, by turn, is also of the utmost importance when it comes to posting on social media and with any type of digital marketing. If you post quality content, you’re grabbing the attention of current and potential customers. They’ll see what you and your business are truly about. They’ll see your unique voice and know what matters to you and your company. And best of all, they’ll get to know you in a personal way because you’ve taken the time to put out genuine quality content that will help them.

So which one is the most important?


Quality wins out here, hands down. Consumers are exposed to thousands of ads in their regular daily lives in many ways, shapes and forms. We see so many ads that we don’t even recognise we’re seeing them most of the time.

Think about your day today. Your drive to work. Listening to the radio. Interaction with coworkers or family members. Watching TV. Reading your email or checking social media. Now write down all of the ads that you remember seeing in each of those situations. You likely have a small handful of ads that you actually remember. That means for some reason, those ads made an impact. There was something about them that stuck with you and made you remember them. They had good quality.

In the giant ocean of advertising we swim in every day, you’ve got to stand out. Know who your customer is. Know how they want to engage with you. Know how you can help them. And put that all into your content. Every time.

There may be some ads that we remember because of the repetitive nature of their appearance, aka, quantity. However, just because you remember something due to seeing it frequently, doesn’t mean that you connected with that ad or that content. There are earbug ads and posts out there that people see and remember but don’t connect with because their content is hollow. If the content is not of good meaningful quality, the customer will feel like they are being spammed with something that they don’t need, doesn’t apply to them, and is downright just annoying.


Don’t talk at your customers. Talk TO them. The purpose of digital marketing and especially on social media is to start a conversation. If you post content that doesn’t engage your customer and simply shoves information in their face, it’s going to come off as impersonal and cold.

Create a schedule so that you are posting on a schedule and the content you are posting is well planned out and flows well. You don’t want to post about the same subjects over and over again in a row. Make sure that all departments within your business know what your posting schedule is so that company-wide, you are being consistent on what you are talking about and when.

Remember who you are posting for. Know your customer! What do they like to hear from you? Are you being consistent to your brand and your business values? Is the content you are posting helping your customers in some way? Your customers are real people and so are you! Remember that when you are creating content and you’ll go far.

Make sure what you are posting about is relevant to your business and that what you are saying is important to you and your company and also to your customer. It should be entertaining and engaging.


Some other tips for creating quality content that will keep customers coming back include:

  • Switching up the medium – Take advantage of the different types of social media and digital marketing. Get multiple formats on that content schedule. If a blog post went up this morning, maybe you want a tweet or Instagram post this afternoon. Follow it up with a vlog the next day. Mixing up the types of marketing and media you’re using will not only reach more people, it will also keep your customers more engaged because you’re keeping their attention.
  • Repurpose old content in a new way – If you’ve already written about something, try to write about it in another perspective like why. It can create a whole new approach to a subject and keep it fresh for your readers.
  • Pay attention to comments and reviews – Let your customers generate ideas for content for you! If you’re paying attention to comments and reviews that come from your reader base, you’ve got a gold mine full of future content that is important to them. This will show your readers that you read those comments. You read their reviews. You see them and they mean something to you besides just business.


When it comes to the great debate of quality versus quantity, quality wins out, however, it’s still important to have both, and it’s not hard to do with a little planning and preparation, as well as some hard work.

Your content should always have your customer in mind and should be engaging and meaningful, as well as scheduled out and posted regularly in order to remain in the forefront of your customer’s minds.

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