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By Rhymney Mazza

How would you describe your ideal work environment & culture? | Lisnic


As an employer, this is one question you should constantly be aware of. Why? Because it’s what your employees are consistently judging and what your future hires are looking for.

Your work environment and culture are key when it comes to making employees happy. If they weren’t, let’s just say the turnover rate between companies would be a lot higher. Plus, the chances of new hires even wanting to stick around after a few weeks would be pretty grim.  

You want the work environment to be consistently positive so that employees are happy to rock up for work Monday to Fridays every week. As a result, they will genuinely look forward (rather than dread) gearing up for work each day in a place where their work is appreciated, and they get along with their co-workers.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your great talent (and I mean the really great talent that you don’t want to let go), wanted to stay with your company whilst they work their way up the career ladder? The way to get them to stay is by providing the ideal work environment and culture that allows them to thrive, expand their skillset, work in a dedicated team and progress their career.

As an employer looking to keep a work environment positive, it’s always a good idea to hire people with a range of experiences and ages rather than just hiring junior employees. With that said, it can be a challenge to get your hands on top talent, so don’t give up too easily!

How does a good workplace environment affect customer service?

One of the true advantages of a good workplace environment is that you’ll find the customer service team in a better mood, no really! Sure, they’ll still deal with rude customers but if you place your customer service team in a positive environment, they are much more likely to remain cool, calm and collected under fire.  Customer service accept the fact that they cannot please everyone so they move on and speak to the next available customer. One rude customer (or even more) doesn’t need to ruin their day in the slightest.

For those who are new hires to the customer service team, you’ll want to be able to help them in any way you can. The best kind of staff are the people who have a willingness to learn new things that will help them exceed in their role. Teach them your excellent ways to handle customer complaints and solve problems efficiently.

A positive mental attitude is a reflection of a great workplace environment. You better best believe that an observant customer will see this. If everyone working for a particular company appears stressed and short, they’ll assume the worst about your company’s working conditions. This will cause further friction between your customers and your brand and they may leave with a negative impression of your business.

Poor staff attitude is a dead giveaway to a bad workplace environment so it’s super important that your employees have a positive mental attitude when they are working. This involves asking the awkward questions if you notice one or more of your staff members having a less than great time. You do not want a build-up of personal issues affecting one’s work performance and the morale of your team.

If two co-workers aren’t getting along well, then you’ll want to get to the bottom of it quick smart. If such instances fester, they can hurt morale and sour the work environment. That’s the last thing you want as it will bleed into every aspect of the business.

Prospective customers and employees will be turned away after reading a pattern of poor reviews about workplace culture, the way employees handle customer service, and so on. Without customers and employees willing to work, your business won’t be able to survive.

Assess your current work environment

What does your current workplace environment and culture look like right now? What are some things that are going the right way? What are some improvements that need to be made?

From there, you can take notes and discuss your observations with your employees. More specifically, discuss the importance of a positive work environment and give each employee a one-on-one opportunity to discuss the good and bad about the current work environment.

As always, you want to listen to everything and take down notes. This will help you make some crucial decisions for the future, especially when you want to keep your most valued employees for the long-term.

The more adjustments you make to create a positive work environment, the better things will be in the long run.

Learn from an expert

If you want to create a work environment that is positive, we are more than happy to help. Our Lisnic Experts are a network of business leaders across various industries that are literally at your disposal! We’ll match you up with one and you’ll be able to get solid advice from your mentor. We know that your employees deserve a great workplace environment and culture. If you seem to be stuck, we have an A-Grade advisor who can help you out. Don’t wait for things to go south, let us find you the Expert you need now.

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