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By Lisa Teh

How to find a mentor


In the challenging world of business, it is important to find a mentor. A mentor is someone with a credible amount of experience in a particular field. Most often, a mentor will be in the same industry or trade as the person being mentored.

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We’ve also outlined the other ways you can find a mentor below:


Geared mostly for people fresh out of college or higher education, many schools and institutions pride themselves on finding their graduates a mentor. In order to make this connection, it is advisable for a new person in the workforce to get with their counseling department. They often have many resources available.

The benefit of this is that often times free mentoring services are provided. By taking advantage of getting a mentor, a new person in the workforce can feed off of there knowledge, experience, and expertise. It is always advisable to explore programs available for a recent graduate to gain a mentor.


Often times, it is a good idea for a person seeking a mentor to go to a networking event. Some of these events may be local, while others require travel. However, these events often have an audience richly filled with prospective mentors.

Some firms will even pay to send their employees seeking a mentor to these events. This is a great thing to consider because the firm knows who will be attending. By going to these events, it is pretty safe to assume that the mentors available have been prescreened to provide the most viable expertise.


Perhaps the most reachable and efficient, social media events can prove to connect mentors with those searching. In doing this, however, it is important to use more reputable sites such as LinkedIn.

By taking advantage of more reputable social media sites, people are often filtered and have proven their worth. In looking at these sites, it is very important to read a complete biography posted by a professional. By doing this, a person searching for a mentor will get the best results.

Some companies also have social media channels. It may be necessary to join a Facebook group or similar to connect with good mentors. Often times, these pages are run by administrators who have to accept invitations to join the page.

The benefit of this, is that it is more probably that those within the social media channel have viable credentials. It is especially a bonus of the people who are being contacted are employed by the same company.

It is important to take careful consideration on social media. If a person is unresponsive, or something does not add up on their page, it may be best to keep searching. It is very important that when finding a mentor, they will be useful, knowledgeable, and compassionate.


Often times, the best mentors can be present right underneath a person’s nose. In meetings, it can be advisable to take notes of those in the room. If a person seems to have more experience and seems to be approachable, it may be worth it to try to get in touch with them when the meeting is over.

Most people are also acquainted with their boss or supervisor in some sort of way. By being acquainted, there has to be some sort of comfort. In a casual conversation, it can prove to be prudent to ask a superior how they got connected with the company, or who was one of their best influences.

Most quality supervisors are more than willing to provide this information. If they are worth working for, they want to see one of their employees become successful.

Also, it is important to ask family and friends who are trustworthy about their opinions. It could be that an uncle or neighbor has had some experience in the same industry. These people can prove to be very valuable because the connection is already there and proven.


Volunteer work, surprisingly enough, is a great place as well to find possible mentors. The reason for this is because it is possible to meet many different people with the same interests. In the psychology of volunteering, it is usually reasonable to assume that these people have their hearts geared towards helping others.

If a person is having a conversation with a co-volunteer, work will usually come up in the subject. A person seeking a mentor should not be shy in asking a co-volunteer what their experiences mostly consist of. This can be a great place to find a mentor.


Perhaps the most accessible, there are many mentorship sites that can be some of the best and most proven options to connecting mentors and those seeking a mentor. There are sites for a variety of different industries, regardless of experience.

The great thing about taking advantage of these dedicated mentors is that there are many to choose from. Many people on these websites are using them to help others be successful. Depending on the field, some mentors who are passionate will try to sell their services to help see the new people in their field thrive.

A simple search on Google or Bing can lead to multiple different websites for connections. Some of these sites are set up as information sources, while others can be set up as forums. Nevertheless, these websites should be skimmed through to be sure that they are both trustable and reputable.

Once the site is determined to be safe, a smart business person will go ahead and harness the power that lays within. Mentors who are on these sites can be some of the most effective a person will ever encounter.


In conclusion, having a mentor can be life changing. It is important to know all of the available options for finding one. Especially in today’s world of technology and the web, there is sure to be a mentor for every person seeking one.

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