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By Lisa Teh

How to be an online business coach


Becoming an online business coach is all about finding your area of expertise and sharing it with others. If you have years of experience, a degree in business or have been super successful already with your business or career then you are on the right track to becoming an online business coach. However, before you jump into anything you may want to ask yourself, who do I want to work with, upskill, train and empower? It’s important to take some time to define your ideal client and target your coaching in that area and direction.

It is also important to identify your greatest strengths and weaknesses so that you know which areas you can best help clients, and the areas that you need to work on. It is important to identify the kind of businesses that you want to work with and whether they are larger corporations or small businesses. Most importantly, you want to enjoy what you do so it’s important to work in your areas of passion and interest.

You may want to create a professional website that advertises your skills and draws in potential clients and customers. You will need to show your credibility in the skills that you’re promoting and back up what you do with relevant qualifications.

Making your own professional website is a lot of work so you can also jump on existing platforms that are already designed to advertise online business coaches and mentors such as Lisnic.com. It’s then important to design a standout profile page that encourages clients or mentees to connect with you. You can do so by having a friendly and welcoming bio that shows off a touch of your personality and by listing your previous experience and any relevant awards or recognitions that make you super qualified!

Another thing that you can do to promote yourself and your material is to create an online course that others can engage in. Working in the online space means engaging clients and customers in unique ways and creating an online course does just that. You need to make sure you are marketing your unique skills in a way that draws in clients to work with you and your service. What are your skillsets and areas of expertise? You will want to make them well known.

Which type of online coaching is right for you and the types of online coaching

There are several types of online coaching for you to get involved in including teams coaching, executive coaching, performance coaching, leadership coaching and brand coaching. Each are slightly different and marketable to different organisations and businesses.

Teams coaching involves working with multiple people to empower them with leadership and skills to work together effectively.

Executive coaching is one on one coaching, often done with those who run a business or hold a senior position of management in an organisation. Executive coaching enables you to mentor clients one on one and equip them with all that they need in skills and knowledge to run their business to the highest standard.

Performance coaching works with people in all different levels of organisations regardless of role or status within the organisation. As a performance coach you can improve the wellbeing and productivity of a business by empowering employees to function at their best as an individual. This then contributes to the overall wellbeing and performance within a business.

Leadership coaching helps those running a business with leadership skills empowering them to drive their business forward. Leadership coaching often includes teaching highly efficient communication skills, strategic thinking and how to work best with employees and clients.

Brand coaching helps businesses and organisations learn how to market their product and promote themselves in the best light. This is often achieved through social media campaigns and really highlighting the core content and values of the business.

Choosing the area of business coaching that best suits you and your skills empowers you to work with your ideal clients in a way that best promotes and markets your expertise.

What’s your USP?

Your unique selling proposition (USP) will be what makes your skills and experience stand out from other competitors in the online business coaching market. A USP identifies what makes your business better than your competitors’ and is clear at highlighting your skills and areas of expertise. A USP must make clear what you are offering your customers with your service and be highly representative of your business.

Group Coaching

Group coaching takes your skills and expertise not just to a business owner but small groups of people, often employees of an organisation. Group coaching helps you to hone the skills of not just one person, but a team of people that work together to make a business flourish. Group coaching often focuses on goal setting, taking action on skills and problems that matter and promotes a sense of accountability within the group.

Private Coaching

Private coaching takes your skills and expertise in a one-on-one context with a client. When clients come to you for private coaching it is an opportunity to work directly with the client and build their skills as well as mentoring them and answering their questions. Private coaching enables you to upskill and teach clients one-on-one directly.

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