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By Lisa Teh

How do you increase your chances of getting a return on an investment?


In our modern-day economy, it is difficult to get ahead of the financial curve. You need to invest your money and maximize your returns, so how do you increase your chances of getting a return on investment (ROI)?
There are many ways that will help you avoid costly mistakes and increase the cash flow of your business and optimizing your investment returns is one common way that you must learn about. There is a lot of ways that your investment returns can help you, and there are a lot of ways in which investment returns can hurt you, so you want to be sure to act effectively. Read further to learn about how to increase your chances of getting a return on investment.


When you are concerned with optimising your returns on the investments that you make in your business, you are going to want to map your spending and develop a strategy that increases your ROI. Calculating business revenue made by each department annually as compared to their annual budget, you can see which branch is bringing in the most revenue with the smallest budget possible. This will show you which branches are performing better than others.

When examining company costs, you will have to take many things into consideration such as:

  • Interest rates
  • Economic growth
  • Confidence in your product vs. consumer expectation
  • Depreciation
  • Wage costs
  • Inflation
  • Governmental policies
  • Taxes

Be honest about the cost it takes to run your business and do not take any easy shortcuts. Pay more attention to the areas that are losing money and address the problems that smaller branches are facing with the production and quality control of your product to optimize the returns on your investment.


Every investor knows that the secret to making money is unknown to even the best investors. Even U.S. Government bonds can be risky in the wrong economic environment, and while they are generally seen as a safe investment to make, they may not bring in a lot of returns. You need to further develop your portfolio and reach your investment needs.
Keep a few of these tips in mind to optimize your ROI:
● Balance risk and returns that encourage safety and help grow your portfolio
● Individualize your business and invest in leadership that will help it grow
● Assess your risk tolerance and adjust to the current market
● Be aware of heavy financial consequences that may occur because of a faulty risk
● Enhance your portfolio by taking unexpected risks that gets your name into higher investor circles

Taking the right risk may mean being in the right time at the right place, but if you do not practice enough, you will not be able to see any time on the court. Taking one risk will eliminate thousands of other possibilities, but if that one risk pays off significantly, you will not regret making such a bold move. Balance practicality with chance for best results.

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If you decide to eliminate a business department, you will want to decide how much money your business will spend on profitable branches that have a better return on your investment. Downsizing a branch that is underperforming in a certain quarter may be profitable as it allows you to redirect that money to a better-performing branch and likely increase your return on investment.

Alternatively, spending more money to effectively train employees in departments that are not performing well can boost profits for the business. It is important to act when necessary and eliminate branches that are not contributing to your ROI.


One of the most safeguarded ways to improve your investment returns is to take away some of the unnecessary management and miscellaneous fees that you pay. This may mean scraping through your investment contracts to spot any hidden fees that you may be paying for that are pointless.

Hidden fees are powerful agents, and each percentage point you pay in management fees will ultimately impact your returns as well. Even small fees may have a huge bill if paid excessively for a long period of time.

Look at your current investments and be honest about how much you are paying in management fees. If you start to realise that you are paying an excessive amount of money in hidden fees, look for lower-cost alternative plans or products that your business can employ.


Every business has to pay their fair share of taxes, but tax code is written in a manner that gives investors ways to reduce taxes on certain investments. Every dollar that is saved on reduced tax expenses can be invested for more returns.

Make sure you or your accountant investigates the key tax advantages that are relevant to your industry and job circumstances.

Paying attention to the many tax advantages above can result in your business having serious leverage over your potential returns. Managing your taxes effectively will score you more money in your pocket to invest in more investments that may offer prosperity in the future.

Review all your current accounts and make sure that you are getting the most out of your taxes.


Make sure that you are getting the most returns on your investments as possible by taking the right risk, downsizing at the right time, reducing your investment costs, and letting taxes help your investment returns.
It is important to develop an ROI strategy that will optimize your returns and increase the overall cash flow of your business model.

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