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TechGropse Pvt. Ltd.

TechGropse Pvt. Ltd.

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3435 North Druid Hills, Decatur, GA 30033, United States
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TechGropse is a Trusted and the Best Web & Mobile Application Development Company to reply to in India, the USA, and UAE. We have served in every vertical of the web and mobility industry. We c…

10% AR/VR Development
35% Mobile App Development
15% Web Development
10% Custom Software Development
30% Blockchain
9 Reviews
Wesley Mitchell
1 reviews
We admire their energy and their ability to overcome unexpected hurdles encountered in development as the case. We are extremely satisfied with their customer service services and feel that the TechGropse team has performed to our expectations.
Arthur Duval
1 reviews
The project completed on the time frame agreed by the parties The progress made within the project was made known to me on a regular basis. The result was that the project ran smoothly. The final product they delivered was top-notch. It looked great and worked even better.
Gustave Dior
1 reviews
TAILOR'D an iPhone app designed and developed by Techgropse that stores all your hard-to-remember clothing dimensions. They had a very good understanding of our requirements so they were able to exactly develop the way we wanted within budget while maintaining the timeline.
1 reviews
TechGropse developed a mobile app Munasabah that connects you to product and services related to events. Get everything you need for your party, gathering, or meeting, all in one app and delivered to your event location. The team of techgropse were highly professional and innovative. We are very pleased with their efficiency and compliance and they were excellent at what they do
Coty Robert
1 reviews
Techgropse developed AlliApp specifically to put the fight against allergies in your hand. With this app you can also scan the barcode of food at Tesco to identify if there are any of your allergens present. Techgropse team were always professional, patience and positive about the whole process. We had no idea what we were doing, most of the time - but the team at Techgropse did ... and they made the effort to get us where we needed to be with their skills and expertise.
Florian Arnaud
1 reviews
FAVIT is an app developed and designed by TechGropse to bring people looking for awesome things to do together with the best places in town to go have fun. We admire the engagement of the Techgropse team and the joy on their faces while working on the project.
Greyson Harris
1 reviews
The team members at TechGropse are great and they create anything you can think of. They created the wellness and fitness service app which allows its users for consulting and training to individual and training to corporations and other groups .This app helps its users to get personalized recommendations health and wellness.
Austin Miller
1 reviews
TechGropse developed a social media entertainment app to experience best parties around the world virtually and make money with virtual parties. ShhParty App is the only entertainment app selling tickets and collecting tips from your audience in one place. TechGropse took care of all the features as well as the design of the app and the website. TechGropse team often worked overtime on issues so that it an be solved quickly.
Archit Jain
1 reviews
Staff Review
one on the Worst Company techgropse private limited in the world not giving salary, no working environment

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