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13/4, 1st Floor, Prem Nagar, Burari, New Delhi, DL 110014, India


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Grovention is a full-fledged website design, development, and digital marketing company. We have been catering to small, Mid-sized, and enterprise-level businesses since our inception. We understan…

20% Branding
20% Marketing Strategy
20% Web Design
20% Digital Marketing
20% Web Development
Shobhit Saxena
Co-Founder, Director, COO
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24 Reviews
Falak Goswami
1 reviews
Initially it took time to describe our concept as we had no idea about the technical specifications for the website. We just shared put the idea on the plate. Their analysis team took the idea and sculptured it into a beautiful demo to get visual experience of our future website. We provided all the raw pictures of our photos which they edited and made it look genuine in the website. Within 2 months the design phase is completed along with content creation and they are now on development stage. Soon, we will get a full-fledged website ready for our fashion vertical & as discussed with them, we will move ahead for digital marketing activities also. Our website is still under development process. But, coming to website’s design, it looks appealing and we are satisfied with the work till date. We are still working on the project and everything goes fine.
Dikhsita Pal
1 reviews
First, they did in-depth research with respect to competitors present in the marketplace and collected the ideas which were implemented in the build phase to bring unique features to the site. Our real estate business was intended to have no third-party person interference during the deal between the company and customers and the primary headache was about how to deal with queries that the users generally ask brokers. To make it digital, they used the AI concept to prepare a chatbot with some FAQs which we were asked to prepare by us. The development phase went successful with functionality testing of different web pages. The final frame is under testing process and soon will go live. They are now working on keywords, to begin with, digital marketing activities.
Bhuvan Parekh
1 reviews
They created the new website from scratch using WordPress. They integrated payment portals and other features in our website so that when a customer visits our site for a travel and staying experience, they can be comfortable getting different options for hotels and tour packages and making payments safely. It's a rather complex setup as we had specialized pricing for different types of customers. Grovention helped us sort the complexity through their experience and provided us with a solution for those challenges. Similarly, they are now working on the admin panel tailoring our requirements for our hospitality management system. It will help to organize the data we have for all our services, and on a real-time basis, we will be able to handle our administration system in a single portal. Further, we are aiming to continue with digital marketing for customer engagement and a better conversion rate through our website once it is ready.
Anaya Shah
1 reviews
In the first impression, we asked Grovention to design a layout based on the requirements, and they prepared a wireframe accordingly. It was the exact way we wanted to have it, so we did not look for any further changes. They used the WordPress platform to design and develop the pages. They also updated the website with safer payment systems and a user management system to handle queries directly. They are working on final functionality testing and said, that the website is on the verge of going live. Besides that, they will be moving ahead with SEO and social activities to amplify our motives to our audience more efficiently. We felt they were very welcoming on every meet with their team. It was nice to see that they handled everything well.
Moumita Das
1 reviews
In response to our requirements, they divided them into short components and considered every component into a milestone. They were instrumental in conceptualizing the project and designed all the components from beginning to end with a customer's perspective for responsive results. The platform was reasonable in design and gives good sense to our users. We wanted to add some more features to our site. Hence, they are busy working on it to accomplish the need. Soon, we will move to digital marketing services to generate traffic to our website and influence our conversion rate effectively. We used to get quick updates on the achievement of every milestone. They were always a step ahead of us regarding support and suggestions through a friendly & collaborative approach. Their ability to constructive listening and create new ideas is appreciable. I am impressed by the expert advice, out-of-box thinking, and creative skills that they bring to the table.
Vaishali Kolli
1 reviews
We as a loan lending company showed our concern about creating a transparent design plan for the website with features that can help achieve my objectives. They planned to design an integrated form to allow our users to contact us directly and submit their queries. They also designed a dedicated module for account opening and instant loan sanction facilities. The website design part is almost 90% covered with a few tasks pending on board to achieve. Soon, we will work on digital marketing also. They know how to execute the plans with the available resources to achieve the target within the deadline. We learned a lot and feel happy to be a part of their work process.
Vivek Saxena
1 reviews
We gave them a checklist of everything we wanted to see on the website. They informed that there will be four major modules for the website that include visitors, doctors, patients and the administrator. At the end, we got a website and an admin management system that allowed us to make updates to the site. The web design, development, training, aftercare, and some marketing was handled by them. The design and development work lasted about 6 months and now they are working on SEO and content marketing of the website. Overall, It was a good experience working with Grovention.
Mahima Lal
1 reviews
We wanted to launch a website that can be accessed quickly, is user-friendly, and is secure for online transactions. First, they shared the wireframe with full navigation and explained it over skype. In the next step, they designed all the website pages, uploaded the product images, added content, and developed the complete website. After every milestone, they shared the progress with me for my review. In the initial meeting, they specified a timeline, and it was followed throughout the project. For communication, we used Slack, Skype, and sometimes, Webex too. We have already spent time with them in our previous project. This time we didn't interfere much with their work. We just checked the reports after every milestone, and the major part that involved us was deciding the mockups and design. Rest we didn't bother them much. We knew they would achieve everything that they had promised us.
Swapna Singh
1 reviews
It was excellent. Initially, Grovention's team provided us with a prototype that took them about a week to complete. Then, we discussed the budget and the technology stack required for the fully operational site. They told us the website would be developed using WordPress, a WooCommerce plugin, HTML, PHP, and jQuery. Although they've already delivered the site, we are still working with them on the SEO and content marketing. I am happy that my company made the right decision to hire Grovention.
Chakrika Mandal
1 reviews
We hired them for web design, development and digital marketing services for our fitness company. They designed all the pages after discussing them with me. I was in the loop and knew every detail related to the project. Their team is attentive to details and incredibly responsive to requests. They have started working on the development work of the website. They keep me updated related to all the work that is going on. They have helped me understand many things and made many outstanding changes in my plan. Their marketing team has already begun working on keywords, content optimizations, competitor research and analysis, and other SEO work.

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