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Last Updated: 7/23/2024
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Not disclosed
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Generous salary + profit share.
Learn from some of the best digital agency operators in the game.
Join a global agency network. Leverage existing clients, skills and extensive resources.
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Not disclosed
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Martket products
Conduct phone interviews
Being motivated and a big thinker while taking an entrepreneurial approach
FD Capital Recruitment
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Not disclosed
London, UK
Financial Management
Strategic Planning
Financial Reporting and Analysis

Are you a born leader or someone who sees the bigger picture for any strategy? CEO & General Management is not just overseeing others, it is shaping and guiding a business in the right direction, implementing strategies that deliver long-term sustainability and growth. Leaders require a vision, and commitment to put that vision into action and persevere to see it through, not telling others to follow, but inspiring them to choose that path. At Lisnic, we have put together listings of the leading businesses looking for these skills today, so if you are looking for a new challenge in CEO & General Management, we have the tools to help you take that next career step.

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