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100,000 people at once.
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Looking for a brand new technology that connects you with your professional network at the click of a button?
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Our game-changing technology that is ideal for your next virtual or hybrid AGM, team training, webinar or panel.

To lead the market, we’ve made Lisnic Live super user-friendly with world-class competitor advantages.

Stand out from the crowd

When you host with Lisnic Live, you receive a custom event landing page built to match your brand.

Customisation features include :



Panelist bios

An event countdown

Event copy

Registration information

Unlimited Audience Size

Our technology supports an unlimited number of attendees so that you can invite 100 or 1,000,000 members of your network with confidence.

Immerse your audience

Event moderators have the ability to request an attendee's audio and video before inviting them up 'on stage' to ask a question or participate in the discussion.

Never miss a beat

Our chat and poll functions fit nicely on the side of your screen so you can easily keep up with all the action.

Stress less

You can trust that your event will run smoothly knowing that your moderators can quickly remove participants, delete chat messages and directly message the speakers in a private chat channel.

Share the love

Celebrating your annual figures? Our screen share functionality allows presenters to share a powerpoint or website to assist with their presentation.

How does it work?

Once an attendee has registered, a handy confirmation is sent to their email with the event link and the option to save the event to their calendar. Event Moderators and Panelists are provided with a unique event link.

Entering and Exiting

Joining a Lisnic Live webinar is stress-free. Simply click the link and type in your name. Once in, you can immediately interact with other attendees via the poll and chat functions. Leave the webinar just as easy as you came in, all with one click of a button!

Boost your brand and WOW your audience with Lisnic Live.

Do you have a virtual event coming up? Submit your details and we’ll get in contact. Premium support and event packages are available upon request.

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