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Last Updated: 7/23/2024
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ATT - Agenzia di Traduzione Tecnica
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Torino, Турин, Италия

If you prefer to control your own destiny, then Self-Employment offers the perfect career path for you. Self-Employment simply means working for yourself, being your own boss with no one else to answer to. That could be the tradie who fixes your roof, the architect designing your new home, or the copywriter creating a marketing brochure for a product or business. With almost every service, there are Self-Employment options to take. Going in alone means no one to hold you back, but it also means everything is down to you. Some find that intimidating, but if you look forward to the idea that its all on you, then check out the Lisnic listings for those looking for those seeking Self-Employment to see what opportunities you could take advantage of.

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