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Areas of expertise: General business, Running a business, Scaling a business , Marketing, Branding, Sales, Systems & processes, Industry/Competitor Analysis, Presentation Skills, Customer Service & Retention, Startup, Entrepreneur, Networking, Communication skills, Program management, Product management, Problem-solving, Decision making

Industries: Accounting, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Consulting, Energy & Natural Resources, Law, Management, Marketing, Technology

Session type: 1-on-1 session

a year ago by Shivnil M

Languages: English

Looking for a business development professional with expertise in digital sales for start-ups. We are an ESG and sustainability software company helping SME's set sustainability KPI's/performance targets. The software helps SME's implement ESG goals, establish ESG ratings and link their loan requests to sustainability. We are currently in MVP mode and need assistance with developing robust sales processes. On the borrower side, typical customers are SME's looking to setup sustainability frameworks and seek discounted loans via crowdfund or banks. On the lender side, customers include banks, SMSF's and sophisticated investors with Australian credit licence. Thanks. Shivnil

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