Mentor experienced in pet services/supplies

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Industries: Agriculture, Consulting, Health & Wellness, Manufacturing, Marketing, Retail

Session type: 1-on-1 session

a year ago by Nadine K

Languages: English

Hi! i would love someone to help me along my journey in developing a pet supplement(s). It will be an all-round type of multivitamin to help achieve a longer and more healthier life for your fur baby. recently my beloved Dalmatian became very ill, and if i had known what i know now i could have probably prevented it from occurring. An animals immune system relies a lot on diet which a lot of us as pet owners do not provide up to a standard, and that is because are busy or just dont have the proper education. so i want to create something where the animal gets all the nutrition they need no matter what. I need someone highly experienced in the pet industry and knows pet supplement manufactures. look forward to starting this journey with you!

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