Creative industry sole trader wants to go big

Areas of expertise: General business, Running a business, Scaling a business , Managing people, Branding, Sales, Systems & processes, Time management, Decision making

Industries: Media & Entertainment

Session type: 1-on-1 session

2 years ago by Nate W

Languages: English

I’m looking for a long term engagement. I run a video production business and I want to grow. My dream is to have a creative space and people I can work with. I need help taking those first leaps into hiring people, maximising my time and being able to delegate while focusing on big picture things. I honestly just need someone in my corner who I can actually talk real business stuff with, not an easy topic to delve into with friends Ultimately looking for someone who’s had some wins in the creative space and understands how to go from a sole trader to a small business of 4-6 people. I’m 24 and in Sydney Australia

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