Looking for a long-term mentor in ecommerce

Areas of expertise: General business, Scaling a business , Raising investment, Expanding a business overseas, Branding, Sales, Operational excellence, Industry/Competitor Analysis, Startup, Entrepreneur, Professional development, Leadership skills, Product management, Focus, Motivation, Problem-solving, Decision making

Industries: Consulting, Fashion & Beauty, Health & Wellness, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Marketing, Retail

Session type: 1-on-1 session

2 years ago by Nadine K

Languages: English

I need help with guidance. I want to start a new business and i honestly am stuck. I had a business going before the pandemic and it heavily relied on people going out. I realised through these unprecedented times i need something that will allow me to be recession proof. I have a few different ideas roaming around in in my head and to be honest i just dont know if any of them are either practical or profitable. I need someone who has been here before and grew something from nothing. I want someone to be with me from start to end, for this business and the next.

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