Mentor needed for SaaS startup


Areas of expertise: Scaling a business , Raising investment, Investing in business, Expanding a business overseas, Marketing, Branding, Systems & Processes, Industry/Competitor Analysis

Industries: Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Technology

Session type: 1-on-1 session

18 days ago by Jarrod C

Melbourne VIC, Australia

Languages: English

Looking for a mentor with experience in development of concept for a new SaaS platform, including market research, development and potential investment. There will be a fair bit of hand holding to begin with, just to be upfront, as it's an area I haven't had any experience! I have been researching for some time whether my concept/idea is viable and have come to the conclusion it is, and am now at the stage where I need to take this idea further by bringing other talent on board to flesh it out more and get it to the stage where the software has some structure and potential to show what is achievable with future investment and growth.

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