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By Lisa Teh

How to treat anxiety

Mental Health

In today’s ever changing business world, many professionals struggle with anxiety brought on by the business that they are in. Anxiety can be play a negative effect on both the physical and emotional wellbeing of a person. Luckily, there are ways to help resolve some of the issues caused by professional induced anxiety.


In career-related anxiety, the first thing to do is think about what it is that is causing the root of the anxiety. It could be a boss, a supervisor, or another coworker. It can be helpful to also find out if the causes of the anxiety are intertwined.

Making a list of the different causes of anxiety will help a person to address the problem.

Once the different causes of the anxiety are identified, a plan needs to come together. It is a good idea to identify two to four different things that can be done to keep the anxiety in check.

Avoiding certain coworkers, when possible, is a start. Another good thing to do is have a heart to heart meeting with the boss or supervisor that may be causing the problem.


If the cause of the anxiety is more about something out of a person’s control, human resources departments often have different solutions. Counseling services, or meetings with the offenders many be involved.

Nobody should ever be fearful of going to human resources. It is important to take advantage of these provided services. Those in charge of human resources will most likely have the set of skills required to help.


Self-care is important. Sometimes, taking a day off as an “emotional recovery day” will be enough to do the trick. It is important to create some distance from whatever issue is the culprit of the anxiety.

Focusing on things that are enjoyable, and leaving work behind for a day can be a tremendous benefit. Enjoying a movie, spending time with friends, or going to the spa or out to eat can be great ways to unwind.

There are also different books written specifically about anxiety and how to deal with issues in the workplace. These can be very helpful as well. They can be read any time motivation is needed.

Leisurely reading can also be a good way to escape work induced anxiety. By reading a favorite book, or the third installment of a new series can be a great way to pass the time. Not only that, but it should take a stressed out person’s focus elsewhere.


It is important to understand that seeing a specialist for anxiety issues should not be a thing of shame or self-doubt. Sometimes, there are things out of a person’s control that need to be properly addressed.

If the conflict is starting to interrupt health, sleep patterns, appetite, or enjoyable hobbies, then it is definitely time to see a specialist. No job should be so bad that it effects the health of an employee.

When seeing a specialist, it is very important to be open and honest about the problems causing the anxiety. Doctor-patient confidentiality is in effect, and nothing that is opened up about will be repeated. The reason for being openly honest about the problems at bay is because the specialist will be better able to assist.

While many things can be worked out by talking and finding coping strategies, a specialist may recommend a particular medication to help. Some of these medications increase the level of Serotonin, which is the feel good feeling transmitted to the brain.

When stress levels get to be too much or too overwhelming, Serotonin production may be very limited. A simple medication can often help bring this balance back.

While medications can help, it is also important to remember that life is full of stressors. It is crucial to focus on the positive things in life, and remember that the medication (if prescribed) is simply an aide. Talk therapy is very important to continue with.

If you are trying to find a specialist, list a job on Lisnic and outline what you are specifically looking for. Specialists from around the world can bid on your job and you can easily review their credentials on their Lisnic profile and pick the best one for the job.


If a person is truly unhappy with their job, especially to a point where it makes them physically ill or depressed to go to work, it can be for the benefit of all to seek other employment elsewhere.

No person is able to function at their best if their life at work is always dragging them down.

If anxiety in the workplace is too much, and talk therapy has not helped, it can be for the best benefit to move on to a new workplace. When doing this and making this decision, it is important to be realistic about how the new place of employment will be better than the previous.


Anxiety in the workplace effects almost every employee at one time or another. Some jobs are more stressful than others. It is very important to realize that no matter how stressful the job is, when it starts to negatively effect physical or emotional wellbeing, it is time to seek alternatives.

Whether the alternative is to talk it out with a professional, take a “mental health” day, or seek other employment, the cause of the anxiety should always be pin pointed. The reason to try to figure out specifically what is causing the anxiety is to be sure that it does not keep occurring.

It is also important to remember that often times by leaving one “green pasture” to go to another one, the other job will come with challenges of its own. No workplace is perfect.

Anxiety in the workplace effects every employee at some point or another, and it is important to be aware that this happens to everybody. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to help solve the issue of workplace anxiety.

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