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By Lisa Teh

How to stop yourself from having a limiting mindset

Mental Health

On the road to success, mindset is everything. If you want to become a rock-star in your industry, break records, or become the best version of yourself that you can become, it must start with your mindset. Your mindset can make or break you, especially in tough times. Stopping yourself from having a limiting mindset is an important part of personal and professional development.

When someone has a limiting mindset is usually stems from self-doubt. They wonder if they are good enough if they work hard enough if they have the right clothes or car. These beliefs get in the way of progress. They sabotage any chance of real success, much less personal happiness.

Breaking free of a limiting mindset is one of the most rewarding things you will do. Allowing yourself the power and freedom to experience a no-limit state of mind unlocks doors and opportunities you may have only dreamed of. But how do you stop yourself from having a limiting mindset? Well, read on.


A big limitation that many people have is worrying about how a thing is going to happen. This is likely a type of perfectionism. Perfection never happens. There are too many variables in the accomplishment of a goal that changes regularly. You cannot be prepared for all the circumstances that may arise. Three things are far more important than how – what, why, and now.

The most important thing you can do to move forward on your goals is to have a reason why? Having a clear reason why you want to accomplish a thing is far more important than how you are going to make it work. That part will come. How will reveal itself? Your reason why gives you a purpose. Purpose keeps you motivated. It is something you can fall back on when you hit a snag. Have a great reason why as the foundation of your success mindset.

Next is what. Have a clearly defined objective. Set a target and go for it. The combination of a clearly defined goal and a powerful reason why fuel you and empower you for the most important component. That is taking action, right now.

Once you have a goal in mind and you know why you want to achieve that goal, you must take action. Tony Robbins talks about taking massive action toward your goal. He says that once you know what your goal is and you are committed to achieving it you have to take action. That action could be as simple as a phone call or as complex as a detailed analysis of your budget. Just move forward. Moving forward is where the how reveals itself.


Listening to doubters is the fastest way to mindset destruction. Their limited vision rubs off on you and turns your power mindset into a limiting mindset. The doubt and judgment of others are like rust. It eats away at the psyche until there is nothing left. You must always guard your mind against the negativity that comes from those who would doubt your commitment to success.

But sometimes it is hard to know who those doubters are. They may be your family and friends. Often, they do not mean to cause harm. They are just stuck in their own limiting beliefs. You can recognize them by their words. They say things like, “that sounds hard,” or “that won’t work,” or “someone is probably already doing that.”

Listening to these negative nellies will only cause damage. Their limiting beliefs are tainted with failure. Figure out a way to surround yourself with people who believe in a success mindset. They don’t have to be on the same path as you, but they must see the value in achieving a worthy goal. They will have their own and be supportive of yours.


No one is an island. As much as you may know about the project and the goals you have, you are going to want and need help. It may be a connection or access. It may be financial, or it may be someone better at some aspect of your plan than you are. Regardless, at some point, you are going to need a team.

Having access to a team of like-minded individuals is a great way to get multiple things accomplished. It is also a powerful way to increase your leadership skills. This is different than surrounding yourself with supportive people. This is team building. They will likely be supportive, but more importantly, they will a part of your team.


When you blame others for things that go wrong you are being manipulative. You must take ownership of your mistakes just as much as your successes. This is the victim mentality. It is the mentality of someone who does not focus on solving problems. Be a problem solver and you will pave the road to success with gold.

Being a problem solver is a superior mindset. It is a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. Someone who is a problem solver is hyper-focused on solution-oriented thinking. They are also respectful and empathetic. Avoid blame at all costs. Focus on solutions. Own your mistakes and lead by example.


What that means is, understand that you can always learn more. Many people get locked into the idea that they know all there is to know about a subject. This can happen to the best of us. Do your best to keep learning about your subject. Read all you can and listen to the people around you. They may not be 100% on target, but they may have enlightening perspectives or ideas that make your job easier and more successful.


Mindset is the defining factor of success. How you care for your perspective and whether it is positive or negative is up to you. Recognize that not everything will be perfect. Know that focusing on solutions and growth will empower you and everyone around you to do better. Set your goal, know your purpose, and take action.

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