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By Nick Bell

How to find a business coach


It can be a great idea to find a business coach. These people are filled with knowledge on sales, customer relations, and success. Business coaches have proven time and time again to help many people become successful in their business.


Qualities of a business coach are very important to look at when determining if he or she is a right fit. Attitude, expertise, and a love for sharing information and teaching are all important qualities to look for.

A good attitude is one of the biggest motivators of a successful business or enterprise. Any quality business coach should have a good, strong, supportive, positive, and comforting attitude. Without a positive outlook, a business coach is not going to be of any service.

Expertise in their field is very important when pinning down somebody who could be a good business coach. They should have a good amount of time in their profession, and have earned many successes. A person passing on information and willing to coach should be a person with previous success.

A passion for sharing information is very important to look for in a business coach. If a coach has experience, he or she may not want to share the details that made them so successful. It is important to ask questions. By asking questions, a person can more easily determine whether the coach is sharing information.

Without the ambition to share information, a person should not be a business coach. The idea of coaching in itself is to pass on information in order to help others become a success.


Finding a business coach is very doable, but it may take some resources, time, and determination. The great benefit in actually finding a business coach is that a good and dedicated one should be willing to pass on information. By passing on and sharing information, the coach is able to help their protege become successful.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) can be a great place to find a coach. However, it is likely that a person must qualify to be under the umbrella of a small business in order to receive these circumstances. While something to look in to, not every person will be able to have success with a coach from the Small Business Administration.

However, there are many great resources online for finding business coaches. Much like social media profiles, their biographies should be posted as well as a list of their previous work experience. Most of the time, some of their career highlights will also be posted.

Depending on the type of business that a coach is working for or developing, there are several online groups available to assist. Many people started in the same situation and are more than willing to share information, as well as their mistakes and success stories.

When visiting these groups, oftentimes connections are made. Coaches can be found within these groups. Even if they have not necessarily “coached” before, many are willing if a good relationship has been formed.

Another great way to find a business coach is in local communities. Surprisingly for some, there are many people who share a community that have been in the same career or profession. Most of these people are usually willing to help coach others in business.

Church groups, community events, and even local golf clubs can be a great place to find people willing to be business coaches. Many of these people will have a significant amount of previous experience and will look forward to sharing their passions with others.

Often looked over, another place to find business coaches is in businesses themselves. Many businesses will have superiors that are approaching retirement and are willing to “groom” new people to take over their roles. Other times, businesses just want other people to fit right in and be successful with them, and in these cases, coaching services may be provided.


Communication is very important with any business coach. It is very important to find out there communication preferences. A crucial reason for this is to ensure that they are a good fit.

If a person seeking a coach needs more flexible hands on coaching, then a retired person may be a better fit as a coach. If coaching needs to be done on the weekends, then it is important to make sure that the weekend time slot fits the coach’s availability.

Another important factor is in determining how the coach likes to communicate. Some enjoy a weekly meeting to discuss current events and offer their guidance. Others prefer a phone call or Skype meeting.

It is important to make sure that the way the coach communicates is also a good fit for the person looking for coaching. If the coach is too vague, there is not much of a point in having them. Anytime a coach is being looked for, a passion for communication should be found within them.


A coach can be a great asset to have, but it is important to remember that a coach alone will not completely make a person successful or turn things around to be successful.

A person willing to be successful will be realistic with their planning, budgeting, and finances. They will also make time and properly schedule things to be successful and not overwhelmed. A successful person will almost always realize their failures and make plans to turn those failures into future successes.

A coach alone cannot ensure that a person is true and realistic with themselves. The best coaches are those who have a solid player or business person to work with.


Business coaches can be a wonderful asset. It is very important to find one who is strong, positive, successful, and motivated. Finding coaches can be tricky, but is entirely possible through local events or online postings.

Even with the help of a coach, it is very important to remember that to be successful, a person needs to be well equipped to take on future challenges.

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