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By Nick Bell

How to develop E-Charisma


The world of video conferencing is growing and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. While some folks may love using technology to interact, you may find yourself dreading it. At times, it can be hard to convey how you truly feel or come off as personable on camera.

The following guide will highlight several tips for having more electronic charisma in your virtual interactions moving forward. These tools will have you presenting well on camera in no time!


In times where physical presence is limited, your ability to convey yourself in engaging ways is highly important. E-charisma describes having a strong and personable presence in virtual interactions. Charisma is the ability to compel others and command attention, and it is of just as much, if not more, importance when engaging with people via technology.


Having charisma is a power that can help you establish yourself as a leader and someone with the ability to influence others. Whether in person or on video-conferencing, your audience can tell whether you feel confident in yourself. Cultivating a presence where you feel and appear confident is of utmost importance, and the steps below can help get you there.


Some would argue that it is easier to exude charisma in virtual settings than in-person. If you tend to feel uncomfortable in in-person settings, being in the comfort of your own home or office and without the physical scrutiny of other people can sometimes be enough to mitigate the fear of public speaking or seeming inauthentic.

Below are several other methods for creating charisma in virtual spaces:


Many people are bad at being on camera, so any skill that you bring to the virtual environment can help you stand out. Be sure to look at the camera lens as if you are looking a person in the eye.

It is also helpful to have your device at eye-level so it is more like a genuine conversation, rather than looking down or up at your lens in an unnatural way. Additionally, having quality lighting, a clean and simple background, and high definition audio and visual presence can eliminate the feeling that viewers are staring at a screen.

Bottom line, the more like an authentic in-person conversation you can make it, the more likely you are to engage your audience and come off as charismatic and engaging.


Making sure you look put together, relaxed, and animated is ideal for having a more engaging and professional presence. If you appear disheveled, tired, and stressed, your audience will catch on. Be sure to treat it like a professional space because it still is.

It may be tempting to keep sweatpants on your bottom half, but dressing the part and presenting yourself as you would in your professional environment can go a long way to help you feel more authentic and confident about your virtual presence.


Try and prepare your message and your content ahead of time. Not only does this eliminate the possibility of surprising yourself with what may come out of your mouth, but it also helps you establish familiarity with your message.

Practicing your presence ahead of time can help you become more comfortable in the virtual medium, though you should be mindful of over-rehearsing. If you sound like a pre-recorded video when you are delivering your message, your audience may check out because it sounds too polished.


No matter if you are an introvert, ambivert, or extroverted, being energized in your presentation and delivery adds a lot of life to your virtual presence. Be sure to talk slightly louder than your normal tone and to use your face and body to add life to your delivery as well.

A camera automatically reduces your warmth and presence, so it is important to compensate by keeping your delivery full of as much life and charisma as possible.


Simplify your presence and your accompanying visuals. When it comes to virtual settings, less is much more. When people are asked to use video conferencing day in and day out, distractions in their environment and yours are bound to crop up. Using simple visuals and reducing distractions as much as possible is the best way to maximize your on-screen presence.


It is critical to be attentive and give others your undivided attention while they are speaking. Be sure to show your empathy, ask pertinent questions, and make comments as appropriate. If they solicit feedback, give them feedback. Others will feel validated if you participate, and when it is your turn to speak, they may be more likely to return the favor.


Even if you prepare at length, you will still stumble over your words or lose your train of thought at times. Remember that it is okay not to be perfect and carry on the best you can. The less you make a big deal of it, the less likely your audience is to notice. Staying composed through all the glitches and imperfections will keep things running smoothly.


If you are determined to improve your virtual communications and e-charisma, ask for feedback. Talk to a trusted peer or mentor and ask how you may be able to improve your presence and delivery to increase your impact. And don’t be afraid to experiment with new approaches or styles moving forward. It may be uncomfortable, but growth always happens outside of your comfort zone!


Let’s face it – no one wrote the rule book on how to perfectly communicate via virtual conferencing, but this guide might be the next best thing. Whether you are new to video conferencing or have been doing it for years, there is always room for improved communication. Remember to give yourself some grace as you navigate this modern frontier of engaging with others, and refer to this guide any time you need additional pointers on being your most e-charismatic self!

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