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Helping companies build a scalable and secure infrastructure
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Kesklinna linnaosa, Vesivärava tn 50-201 , Tallinn , Harju 10152


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Quema OÜ
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About us

We are a company that specializes in providing DevOps services. Development and DevOps are crucial pieces of the puzzle in the software development world. We believe that the roles of the developme…

20% Engineering
20% IT Managed Services
20% DevOps
20% Admin Services
20% Cloud Consulting & SI
5 Reviews
Burhan Lake
1 reviews
It was great to work with Quema, an outstanding technician. They are always punctual, their knowledge is extensive and thorough. Ruslan has taken on a leadership role at Quema, inspiring and motivating his colleagues. Always able to adapt to new working conditions. Very positive attitude towards work. I would like to think that everything I learned about devops I learned from Quema. I definitely recommend them as a company that provides DevOps services and sets up infrastructures
Fredrick Murphi
1 reviews
It was a pleasure to work with Quema. They are attentive to details, motivated, ambitious and strong employees, their knowledge is extensive and thorough. They are ready to deal with difficult situations and solve problems in a timely manner. They always take care of the job. The success achieved in their work required extensive knowledge and dedication. They are fast learners and I would not hesitate to work with Quema again in the future.
Nikita Bakun
1 reviews
Staff Review
To date, I have worked in that company for over a year as DevOps Engineer. That is good company if you want a lot of qualified experience of usage different technologies. Professional team leader organises the work in such a way that each team member is comfortable working. Quema OÜ is international company, so it is important to do the best possible. The company offers good European salary. On the other hand, company provides training for everyone in tech skills (learning through courses or literature to which access is provided ) and in the humanities (in my case, learning English). That helps to provide world best practices in the projects. Career growth occurs as your personal growth as a specialist. The company is doing everything possible for this.
Oleksii Prykhodko
1 reviews
Staff Review
I am working in this company and can say only positive words about that. All things in this company are cool, from managers to team. I never had delay with my salary.
Ruslan Kasian
1 reviews
Staff Review
I've been working at Quema for a few months, and I already have a good impression of working in an experienced team. Cool young team, opportunity to build some processes from scratch and improve existing ones. Management always supports employees' initiatives, helps with professional training (if necessary). The company is technologically progressive, provides flexible opportunities to perform duties, there were no delays in the payment of wages. I am very impressed by corporate culture which is felt as soon as you join the team. In short, the company is result oriented and if you are a specialist in your field at Quema you can not only prove yourself as a specialist, but also grow very quickly gaining practical experience. I am happy to work with professionals and just good people)

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