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By Lisa Teh

5 reasons why time management is important | Lisnic

Time Management

Time management is something that every business owner should be familiar with. Time is money in more ways than one, it should also be invested wisely. We find that so many new business owners waste time on needless tasks rather than their actual business priorities, phew we said it!

The next time you think ‘I don’t even have time to manage my time!’, remember these five reasons:

1.  Managing your time has health benefits

When your time management is poor, stress strides through the door, things are disorganised, and you’ll feel pressured to get work done on a time crunch. If continuously repeated, this results in poor work quality and burnout. This is why it’s important to free some time in your hectic schedule and smash out your priority tasks!

Take a moment to perform a time audit and see where your time is usually spent. Consider which tasks are considered ‘time consuming and unproductive’ and cross them OUT OF YOUR CALENDAR!

Once you free up and reallocate your time, you’ll be able to stress less and get a better night’s sleep.

Not only will you experience physical health benefits, but mental health benefits as well. You will feel mentally sharper, think clearer and feel much more at ease.

2.  Time management becomes second nature

Knowing your time management skills, means that you’ll be able to do time audits regularly. You will know how to allocate time based on the tasks that need to be completed without blinking.

You will get rid of the time wasters, focus on the urgent priorities, and delegate any tasks that are urgent but not a priority to a trusted member of your time who will get it done. Sounds pretty good right?

The point: you’ll be decisive with your time allocation and delegation of responsibilities, the one skill that will put you ahead of many other business owners.

3.  Time management is beneficial for your socials!

To save yourself time, it’s a good idea to plan your social media content ahead of time rather than try and think of something on the fly. This will lead to juicier and more value-providing content. Whilst mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn may be tempting, get into the habit of using your time on social media in ways that will benefit your business. Such as:

  • Responding to customer reviews
  • Answering customer enquiries
  • Keeping up to date with your competitors
  • Sharing the love and commenting on other company posts

4.  Time management increases team productivity

When you delegate tasks to your team ahead of time in an organised fashion, productivity will soar. No last-minute ‘can you quickly do this?’ ‘where’s that?’ ‘what no one told me!’. Instead, you are building an environment where people have the time and energy to get their tasks done ahead of schedule. Goals will be reached, more work will be done and the workload will seem lighter for everyone!

Plus, you as a leader won’t feel like you are taking on every tedious task known to man. Keep working hard and know that you are investing your time into a priority task rather than something that’s sucking the life out of your productivity.

5.  You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment

There is nothing more satisfying than crossing the last item off your to-do list…that’s not too sad is it?

You’ll feel like you’ve climbed a mountain without breaking a sweat. You’ll feel like everything is done and you have some time to spare!

Feels good, doesn’t it? Work will resume the next day with new priorities and tasks, but you’ll have the confidence knowing that you’ll be able to repeat the same time management skills every day. You’ll be confident in finding a priority task, knocking it out, and moving on to the next.

Final Thoughts

The ability to manage your time will help you stress less, live well and plan ahead with tasks that need to be done by you or your team.

Make sure that you do a time audit, plan and prioritise the tasks that are worthy of your time, and get rid of those time-wasting tasks. Remember, if there is something that needs to be done but you can’t get to it, delegate.

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